Key Players


Certified Passive House Designers


Certified Passive House Designer and Consultant qualifications, ensure professionals are well-versed in Passive House principles. Learn more.




Certified Passive House Tradespeople


Certified Passive House Tradesperson programme ensures that the construction team onsite are qualified to build to the Passive House Standard. Learn more.



PHI accredited examination bodies


Those with an intimate Passive House knowledge such as Certified Passive House Designers with experience building Passive Houses may then want to consider becoming examination bodies themselves through a contractual agreement with the Passive House Institute. Learn more.


Passive House Building Certifiers


Passive House Designers with extensive Passive House experience can become Passive House Building Certifiers. Learn more.




PHPP Resellers


PHPP forms the basis for Passive House construction. Passive House Institute relies on its authorised PHPP resellers to distribute PHPP across the globe. Buy the PHPP directly from the Passive House Institute or find a PHPP reseller near you.


Manufacturers of Certified Passive House components


The Passive House Institute certifies building components suitable for use in the building of Passive Houses. Learn more about certifying your products and visit the Passive House Component Database.



iPHA Affiliates


iPHA works closely with its affiliates worldwide on all of the above themes. Learn more about the various iPHA Affiliate organisations.



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