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14 February 2024

Does anyone offer higher savings?   


    After a deep retrofit, a typical apartment block from the post-war era has become a model for energy-efficient buildings. The Passive House Institute carried out scientific monitoring of the project in Giessen, Germany, and has now published its research report. The measured data shows that indeed, energy consumption for space heating already decreased by over 70 per cent in the first year after the renovation, and even decreased by over 80 per cent by the third year. Deep retrofits will also take the centre stage at the 27th International Passive House Conference in April.
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17 January 2024

Deep retrofit and everyone benefits


    Retrofits are the key to climate protection in the building sector. In order to support the uptake of retrofit solutions, the Passive House Institute’s 27th International Passive House Conference will take place with a focus on significantly improving the energy performance of existing buildings to the EnerPHit standard. The conference will take place from 5 to 7 April in Innsbruck, Austria and it also includes a Passive House specialists' exhibition. The conference programme is now online and the ticket shop is open. An early bird rate is available for anyone registering soon.
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