Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) & designPH


The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is an easy to use planning tool for energy efficiency for the use of architects and planning experts. The PHPP makes use of numerous tested and approved calculations to yield a building’s heating, cooling and primary energy demand. The reliability of the calculation results and ease of use of this planning tool has already been experienced by several thousand users.


PHPP 9 (2015)

Worldwide applicability, added functions, improved user-friendliness and compatibility


The new PHPP 9 includes a whole range of new and improved features such as:

•   Verification in accordance with the international EnerPHit criteria for modernisation of buildings
•   Management of different design variants or refurbishment steps
•   Comparison of economic feasibility between selected planning variants
•   Data input assistance by means of error messages, warnings and plausibility checks
•   Extended input options for losses from heating and hot water distribution networks
•   Implementation of evaluation method according to the PER factor classification system
•   Certification according to the Passive House categories Classic, Plus and Premium

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design PH – 3D modelling tool for the PHPP


The designPH plugin has been developed by the Passive House Institute to provide a 3D model interface for entering building geometry into PHPP. The benefits of the tool are two-fold; firstly it will simplify the process of entering data into PHPP and secondly it will provide preliminary feedback on the performance of the design within SketchUp. designPH is an ideal addition to the Passive House Planning Package, and has the following advantages:


•   plugin for the well-known modelling software SketchUP   
•   project data input and 3D display of the building envelope
•   automatic analysis and simplified calculation of the heating demand
•   3D editing and optimisation of the building design
•   geometrical data of the building envelope can be exported into PHPP


The latest version designPH 1.1 does not just ensure compatibility with PHPP 9; one of the new features includes automatic identification and calculation of the shading parameters even during the analysis with the 3D tool, therefore optimisation of a building's shading parameters is already possible in SketchUP.


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