Press Invitation: 11 April 2014

Conference showcases solutions for the energy revolution

International platform for sustainable construction from 25 to 26 April in Aachen

Darmstadt, Germany. There is a huge potential for saving energy in the building sector; how this works in practice will be demonstrated at the International Passive House Conference taking place in Aachen, Germany. On 25 and 26 April, experts from all over the world will be presenting the latest projects and practical solutions. An accompanying Passive House components fair will provide building owners and property developers with an overview of opportunities for their own buildings. One of the highlights at this Conference is the presentation of the Passive House Award - an international architecture prize. Press Invitation


Press Release: 3 April 2014

Component Award proves Passive House windows profitable

Twelve winners to be honoured at the International Passive House Conference

Darmstadt, Germany. The winners of the first ever Passive House Component Award have been selected - a total of twelve Passive House windows will receive recognition. The real winners, however, are the building owners, for the results of this international competition demonstrate that it is possible to save money with highly efficient building components. Manufacturers offered their products at retail prices including installation for an example building - in the categories "PVC", "Wood", "Wood/Aluminium" and "Aluminium". The Award will be presented at the International Passive House Conference in Aachen, Germany. Press Release


Press Release: 28 March 2014

Passive House Award 2014: Finalists confirmed

Winners will be announced at the Passive House Conference in Aachen

Passive House Award 2014 Darmstadt, Germany. The finalists of the Passive House Award 2014 have again proved that world-class architecture and the Passive House Standard complement each other perfectly. An international jury made its selection from approximately one hundred submissions. The winners will be announced on 25 April in Aachen, Germany, at the 2014 International Passive House Conference. A list of all finalists can now be viewed on / Press Release


Press Release: 13 March 2014

Ten-point plan for climate protection in the building sector

Passive House Institute publishes position paper for municipalities

Bahnstadt in Heidelberg Darmstadt, Germany. Climate protection starts at the local level – and energy efficiency in buildings is one of the more important tasks in this respect. To assist municipalities, the Passive House Institute has published a position paper on the topic. The paper sets out a ten-point programme with specific recommendations detailing how cities and communities can take their commitment forward in an effective way. One of the focal points is the Passive House Standard, which enables energy savings of up to 90 per cent. Press Release


News: 11 March 2014

North American Passive House Conference in September

The North American Passive House Network is pleased to announce a two-day conference focused on the International Passive House Standard. Featuring Passive House projects from across the continent and around the world, the NAPH14 will provide an in-depth look at what Passive House is achieving today. The conference will take place September 22-23rd in Portland/Maine, with a keynote address by Dr. Wolfgang Feist. Read more


Press Release: 7 March 2014

Update available for Passive House Planning Package PHPP

3D tool designPH available at introductory price through 10 April 2014

PHPP Darmstadt, Germany. An update for the globally established tool for planning energy-efficient buildings is now available: PHPP 8.5. Among the new features included with this update is the capability of working with up to 500 entry fields for areas and windows – especially useful for larger projects. An updated list of Certified Passive House Components has also been included. Perhaps most importantly, this update ensures compatibility with the new 3D tool designPH, available at a greatly reduced introductory price through 10 April 2014. Press Release


Press Release: 3 March 2014

New Passive House categories also rate building energy gains

Concept to be presented at the 2014 International Passive House Conference

Solar panel on the roof of a Passive House Darmstadt, Germany. The efficiency of the clearly defined Passive House Standard has been proven with thousands of buildings – in order to also offer a reliable means of orientation regarding the additional use of renewables, the Passive House Institute now plans to introduce new categories. These will not only take energy demand into account, but also energy supply through, for example, solar panels. In this way, Passive House offers an attractive solution for the energy revolution while also serving as the basis for the "Nearly Zero Energy Building", mandatory for all new builds throughout the EU as of 2021. Press Release


News: 28 February 2014

City of San Francisco acknowledges Passive House

The City of San Francisco has included Passive House projects in their list of options for fast-track planning approval. This comes after four years of work by members of iPHA Affiliate PHCa (Passive House California) to build awareness about the Passive House building standard and how it is being implemented in California. Link to document


Press Release: 24 February 2014

Certificate for first Passive House supermarket in Germany

Innovative project in Hanover’s zero-emissions residential area zero:e park

Passive House supermarket Darmstadt/Hanover, Germany. Although fresh food needs continuous refrigeration, achieving a low energy demand is still possible. This has been demonstrated by the first Passive House supermarket in Germany: In the pilot project, highly efficient equipment reduces energy consumption as much as possible while a well-insulated building envelope ensures that the waste heat generated by the refrigeration system is enough to cover space heating needs. Altogether, this Passive House supermarket promises 30 % in energy savings as compared to conventional supermarkets. The certificate attesting to achievement of Passive House criteria was presented at a conference of the Rewe Group in Hanover. Press Release


Press Release: 17 February 2014

Deadline for Component Award approaching


With only a few days left for manufacturers of high quality windows to submit their entries, the deadline for participation in the Component Award is fast approaching. The Award, which has been announced for the first time by the Passive House Institute, will be given for particularly energy-efficient products that are also cost-effective. The winners will be selected at the International Passive House Conference, taking place from 25 - 26 April 2014 in Aachen, Germany. Read more


News: 5 February 2014

EU parliament strengthens climate targets

A decisive vote means increased focus in efficiency and renewables


The European parliament voted to require member states to meet binding national targets on renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions. In the decisive vote, 341 to 263 MEPs called for three binding targets for 2030:

Read an article on this in The Guardian.


Press Release: 30 January 2014

Monitoring confirms efficiency of Passive House indoor pool

Details to be presented at International Passive House Conference in April

Passive House indoor swimming pool Darmstadt, Germany.The municipal swimming pool operator in the German city of Lünen ventured into unchartered terrain when it decided to build its indoor swimming pool to the Passive House Standard some years ago. This courageous step has now paid off, as the monitoring results show. The savings in terms of energy consumption, for heating as well as for electricity, are substantial compared with other swimming pools. The monitoring carried out by the Passive House Institute also shows that even further optimisation is possible during the building’s use. The beacon in Westphalia thus forms an outstanding basis for subsequent projects. Details on this will be presented by Jessica Grove-Smith from the Passive House Institute at the International Passive House Conference in Aachen, taking place from 25 - 26 April 2014. A general article on the energy efficiency in indoor swimming pools is now available online on Passipedia. Press Release


Press Release: 23 January 2014

New components extend the scope of Passive House planning

Over a hundred certificates in 2013 – products now also available for cold climates

Passive House components Darmstadt, Germany. Whether for harsh climates or unusual architectural designs: today, suitable building components are available for almost every Passive House planning challenge. The list of products certified by the Passive House Institute now totals about 500, with the addition of 103 new components in the past year alone. A particularly large number of windows and ventilation units are among these products. Nevertheless, the number of solutions in other areas which have been tested for maximum energy efficiency is also growing, ranging from sliding doors and glazing for roofs to facade anchors and insulation systems. Some of them were recently presented at the Deubaukom Trade Fair in Essen (Germany). Press Release / Component Database



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