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Certified Passive House Consultant




Some 3,000 professionals around the world have already earned the internationally recognised Certified Passive House Designer and Consultant designations. These certifications are offered by the Passive House Institute and there are two ways to acquire them:

*For general information on qualification through certified Passive House projects, see the exam regulations, section 3; an example project documentations reports can be found under Project documentation in the iPHA Member Area, or can be made available upon request. Please note that as the review of such documentation is time consuming, the Passive House Institute must charge a fee for this service.

Either one of the two mentioned conditions needs to be fulfilled in order to acquire the certificate and be registered in the database of Certified Passive House Designers. Once every five years, the certificate must be renewed by presenting a Quality Approved Passive House construction project.


Worldwide application

Passive House is an international concept – working as well for Shanghai as for Stockholm. Those having passed the international exam will have opportunities worldwide and, indeed, demand for Passive House is currently experiencing explosive growth. Designations and titles aside, however, what really counts is a person’s knowledge as proven through completed Passive House buildings; it’s the buildings, after all, that all this training is leading up to. The Certified Passive House Designer certificate shows potential customers though, that the holder has acquired the knowledge and experience needed to successfully plan and build Passive Houses. Click here for more information. 


Designer versus Consultant?

The difference between a certified Passive House Designer and a Passive House Consultant lies in their professional background. Certified Passive House Designers come from fields highly relevant to architecture and building and their prior knowledge must be somehow proven by their degree etc, in order to get the Designer label.  On the other hand, persons coming from different fields may acquire the Certified Passive House Consultant certification.  Click here for a list of typical professions for both Certified Passive House Designers and Consultants.


Renewing the certification

The Passive House Designer/Consultant certification must be renewed every five years, either through the submission of documentation for an as yet unsubmitted Passive House model project built within the last five years before the renewal application is made.

Becoming an PHI accredited examination body

Those with an intimate Passive House knowledge such as Certified Passive House Designers with experience building Passive Houses may then want to consider becoming examination bodies themselves through a contractual agreement with the Passive House Institute. The majority of the some 50 such bodies worldwide, also choose to make use of the Passive House Designer course material, developed by the Passive House Institute in conjunction with other leading authorities on energy efficiency.


Passive House Designer Course Materials

Course providers worldwide may choose to use any materials they like in preparing their students for the international Passive House Designer exam and indeed, those wishing to take the exam may prepare themselves through self-study. For interested course providers, however, PHI offers its Passive House Designer course materials, available in a variety of languages. This material is based on the CEPH course materials, which resulted from an EU-funded project by the same name involving several partners. Upon completion of a two day "Train the Trainer" course, interested parties may sign a licensing agreement allowing use of the Passive House Designer course materials as a complete course for the purposes of preparing students to take the international Passive House Designer Passive House Designer exam. Due to the material’s roots as an EU Project, the complete course must be provided and its slides may not be adapted. Course providers are encouraged, however, to add their own slides to the course so as to cover regional specifics. Thus far, the Passive House Designer course materials have received outstanding feedback both from students and from the large number of course providers that use them.



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